"This president is a miserable failure on foreign policy
and on the economy and he's got to be replaced."

- crypto exchange philippines Dick Gephardt at the DNC presidential debate in New Mexico, 9/4/03

The Bush Economic Record:

  • America has lost 3.3 million jobs since Bush took office.
  • In August, more than 93,000 jobs disappeared.
  • 41 million Americans have no health insurance. (4 out of 5 of them are in working families.)
  • This is the 29th month of the Bush recession.
  • Right now, there are more than 9 million Americans who are looking for work.
  • Bush has the worst jobs record of any president since Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression.
  • More jobs lost than the last 11 presidents combined.

[Source: Bureau of Labor statistics, Jan 2001 and August 2003]

Dick Gephardt Will End the Bush Era of "Miserable Failure"

where to trade cryptocurrency in philippines As president, Dick Gephardt will restore the American economy using principles of growth he helped forge in the early 1990s. Most significantly, he will work to provide the surest stimulus measure we can give our economy: providing guaranteed health insurance for all Americans. This will give direct financial help to families who pay health care premiums, provide assistance to businesses and state and local governments struggling to pay health care costs for employees, and free up money for better wages and job creation.

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Tell Bush He's Been a Miserable Failure

Under the Bush-Cheney team's watch, more than 3.3 million jobs have been lost, 41 million Americans now lack health insurance, and a 9 million Americans are looking for work.

bitcoin platform philippines George Bush has posted the worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover in the Great Depression, and he has lost more jobs than the last 11 presidents combined!

Tell George Bush and Dick Cheney that in 2004 they are going to lose their jobs. Let them know they've lost your vote.

Let them know they won't be getting your vote. Tell George Bush and Dick Cheney it's almost time for them to hit the unemployment lines!

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